Prism Test


Challenge Journal of Structural Mechanics


Osman Fatih BAYRAK (M. Sc.)
Seda YEDEK (M. Sc.)
M. Musab ERDEM (PhD.)
Prof. Dr. Murat BIKCE



Accepted Date

January 23, 2018

For finite element analysis, Abaqus is known as an advanced engineering software that allows to create and solve higher performance, reliable, quality, more realistic finite element models than other software. Abaqus has three main core software: Abaqus / Standard, Abaqus / Explicit and Abaqus / CAE. There are different approaches in ABAQUS software to reflect the structure behavior to the model. The following are advanced experimental nonlinear analyzes. ;

Abaqus models are presented below.
Compressive Strength Model (ASTM C1314, TS_EN_1052_1)
Tension Bond Model (Researcher Propose, *Khalaf, 2005 )
Diagonal Tension (Shear) Model (ASTM E519)
Initial Shear Strenght Model (EN 1052, 3A/1)

Compressive Strength Testing Model

Diagonal Tension (Shear) Testing Model

Initial Shear Strenght Testing Model

Tension Bond Testing Model